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Asha Jennings-Grant | Movement Direction Reel 2021

Asha Jennings-Grant | Movement Direction Reel 2021

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Asha is a Movement Director and Intimacy Coordinator/Director specialising in actor movement. She works within a range of genres including theatre, TV, opera, dance, circus arts, video games (motion capture) and music video. She thrives when working with artists and creatives who have an openness and sensitivity to movement and working safely, who can envision a strong physical life within a piece of work and are keen to incorporate this within the working process.

Niche Magazine

“The boxing matches are cleverly choreographed - even when it's only Leon in the ring - with the combined efforts of movement director, Asha Jennings-Grant, fight director, Enric Ortuño, and boxing coach, Gary Cooke, used to great effect."

The York Press

"Asha Jennings-Grant's dashing movement direction, circus acrobatics and smart choreography."


“The company’s teamwork becoming ever funnier, their flamboyant, fun circus acrobatics stacking up, with high praise for Asha Jennings-Grant’s movement direction.”
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