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Intimacy Coordination for Screen

Asha has worked on a number of TV drama series supporting cast and crew and advocating best practice when working on scenes with a sensitive and sexual nature. Liaising closely with production, directors/ADs and relevant departments in pre and post production, she ensures that the actor works comfortably and safely on set. Asha is also a member of the BECTU Intimacy Coordinators Branch: Training Working Group & Intimacy Direction for Live Performance Working Group.

Specialist skills for IC work:

  • Mental Health First Aid 

  • Creative Industries Safety Passport 

  • Tackling harassment and bullying at work

  • Safeguarding

  • Consent

  • Unconscious Bias

  • EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion)

  • LGBTQIA+ Awareness

  • Trauma Informed Practices 

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Intimacy Coordination for Video Game
Asha collaborated with the team at PitStop Productions to apply intimacy protocols to help streamline the production process when recording hyper exposing, sensitive and sexual scenes for the multi award-winning Baldur's Gate 3. 

The article below gives an insight into her work on the game.

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What It Means To Be An Intimacy Coordinator For Baldur's Gate 3

Intimacy Direction for Stage

Asha enables a safe rehearsal and working environment, implementing intimacy guidelines and protocols throughout the rehearsal period and performance run. Asha has had the pleasure of working on a range award-winning plays and musicals as Intimacy Director. She also provides intimacy support for student productions at LAMDA, Rose Bruford College and University of Cambridge.

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"Important and deeply felt work is also provided by Asha Jennings-Grant, the production's intimacy director, who has ensured not only that Higginson and Martin are at no risk physically or emotionally from their work but also that Kim Davies' writing can be presented in - with a delicate, nuanced approach to sexual violence and consent."

Sam Waite, All That Dazzles 

"To ensure a safe process for the team, they're working with intimacy director Asha Jennings-Grant. 'I'm so glad that she is here and that we're working in a company that understands why she is needed in the room.'"

Actor Saffron Coomber in Leopards (The Stage)

"The creative team includes intimacy coordinator Asha Jennings-Grant and the bedroom scenes are superbly choreographed." 

Theo Bosanquet, The Stage

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