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Embodying Your Mocap:

Movement Training for Motion Capture Performance

Asha runs a series of workshops that prepares the actor specifically for work in Motion Capture. Her sessions explore ways for the actor to become more receptive and attuned to their environment and how this can deeply inform the execution and quality of their physical performance. Her foundation of work supports and strengthens the following:

  • physicality work for animal and creatures

  • the building and creating of specific character types

  • spatial and physical awareness

She also offers individual sessions for actors who want to work on specific aspects of their movement training and performance or those who need to prepare for an upcoming shoot.

Asha has been trained by highly experienced industry professionals in Motion and Performance Capture in the fields of film and video games. She has directed mocap shoots at one of the industry's largest performance capture stage, Centroid Studios. Asha spent over two years working on the multi award-winning Baldurs Gate 3 as a Performance Director, helping to create and build the physical performance for the characters and creatures.


Head to the Contact Page to find out further information. 


"Very informative with getting across the basics and fundamental movement elements in working with MOCAP while being done in a relax and fun environment." 

Charlotte Campbell, Performer 

"I really liked the (mocap) phrases and vocab that allowed for a fast approach to the exploration of a specific way of moving….Asha’s workshop was a wonderful exploration of physical approaches to creating character fast and effectively, I learnt some fantastic skills that I will certainly use again in future!"

Jordan Turner, Physical Theatre Actor

"Asha is a great facilitator. The workshop was well organised and well-paced. I came away with some useful knowledge about Motion Capture performance which was completely new to me and valuable exercises which will nourish my movement practice in general."

Anonymous Participant

"Succinct and perfectly selected exercises, reasonably priced and wonderful tutor!" 

Beth Langford, Actor/Filmmaker

"This workshop proved to be very refreshing to me. I got to remind myself of my own movement quality and have a constructive view of it. Working in pairs helped a great deal in terms of honest and objective feedback and made me dive a bit deeper into an exercise that proves especially challenging for me."

Durassie Kiangangu, Actor/Performer

"I loved how the workshop was not so much about the technical process of mocap itself but more about how to develop characters through a purposeful movement development process. As a dancer this really taught me how to be efficient in creating many personifications in a short amount of time, in order to be efficient in being a performer within a mocap production."

Omari ‘Motion’ Carter, Choreographer/Performer

"Asha's enthusiasm and energy made for a fun and engaging workshop, a great opportunity to play and explore a movement quality applicable for MoCap."

Ed Wood, Performer/Puppeteer

"This workshop allowed me to discover a new face of acting, one that is carried forward by movement and allows you to play with the process of creating a character and prevents it from becoming too internalized. I think I came out of this workshop with a clearer idea of what it means to be a well-rounded actor."

Tommaso Porta, Drama student

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